18 . 08 . 2015

Back in 2009, I founded Overkill Software together with a handful of colleagues from thenewly defunct Grin. Together, we developed "Payday the Heist".


During development of the sequel - "Payday 2" - Overkill was acquired by Starbreeze Studios, whose greater financial power helped make Payday the enormous franchise it is today.


Now, I feel it's time for me to seek out new challenges and adventures. Therefore, I've quit Starbreeze. We're already well into my three month period of notice and I will work at the company until Marty McFly arrives in 2015.


This fall, I will start focusing entirely on my own personal music projects and whatever freelance work I can find. (Songs like "Hold on Tight" and "Nemesis" will finally be released)


If the Payday fans worry that I won't be making more music for the game (or record the voice of Bain), I can ease your mind by saying that Starbreeze can hire me as a freelancer just as anyone else can. Hence, you may not have heard the last of my music in Payday 2.


Anyway, stay awesome everyone - and if you have a freelance job for me, let me know! ;-)

08 . 04 . 2015

The latest DLC for Payday 2 is "The BBQ pack" and it was teased with a short trailer showing marshmallows, ribs, baseballs and SWATs on fire. To contrast the visuals, I was asked to write and produce a peppy 50's pop track. I suggested that in order to make it authentic, we'd record it with live musicians to a two track tape - an idea that, to my joy, was approved!

Here's the trailer:

Here's a "behind the scenes" movie about the making of the BBQ trailer and the previous one - "The Overkill Pack":

And here you can download the track "The Flames of Love" for free.

19 . 03 . 2015

Wohooo! First of all, you can listen to the track (and purchase it) right here!

So, I've been working in the gaming industry professionaly for 15 years and my music is featured on many different game soundtracks - but today is the first time that I make a "private" music release!

The track is called "Breath of Death" and the release is self funded - I had it professionaly mastered but I made the super-simple cover art myself and so far it's only available on Bandcamp. If it sells well I might dare to pay an artist to make a nice cover for my next release.

"Breath of Death" is featured in the Padyay 2 "Jacket" trailer since I had too little time to create something tailor made. The trailer required something ominous in the "neo 80's" style (just like much of the Hotline Miami soundtrack, where the Jacket character comes from) and I happen to make that kind of music in my spare time - so I picked "Breath of Death" and adapted it a little to the trailer.

Although it's featured in a trailer for Payday 2, the track will not be available on the Payday 2 soundtrack. You can only buy it on Bandcamp.

24 . 12 . 2014

I just want to pop in and say Merry Christmas to all my followers, and remind everyone that the John Williams-inspired music I composed for the "Diamond" trailer is free to download at Overkill's Bandcamp page!

Also, I can add that "Strong Language - a sweary blog about swearing" (where two linguists write in-depth about curse words) has dedicated an entire blog entry to my version of "12 days of Christmas". The blog entry can be found right here. My travesty of "12 Days of Christmas" can be downloaded for free right here!

Merry Christmas!

01 . 12 . 2014

Today is my birthday, and I try to keep the tradition of giving away a piece of music each year. This December 1st, I'll give you something a little bit different - a symphonic piece, with more than a little aire of adventure!

I give you... Crossbones.

I am Error.

24 . 09 . 2014

Lans sandwich

In reference to the above picture on my Instagram, I got the following question:

Hi Simon, what are the official ingredients for a "lans" sandwich? We saw it on Twitter; it looks delicious and it's obviously the only Overkill-approved snack for Payday fans. But what's in it? We will call it the Thermal Lance in honour of Bain. /Hugh Bock


Hugh, the "lans" sandwich can be filled with many different ingredients - that's one of the advantages of the dish. Here are three personal favorites:

  1. Chicken curry mixture (google "kycklingröra" for reference images), tomato slices and salad. This is the one in the picture above. Optional: Diced onion, fried crisply
  2. Beetroot salad (google "rödbetssallad" for reference images) and cold meatballs. Optional: Crushed potato chips
  3. Potato salad (google "potatissallad" for reference images) and cold roast beef slices. Optional: Crushed potato chips, again!
  4. Skagen mixture (google "skagenröra" for reference images) and avocado slices. Optional: Nothing, it's perfect as it is.


Some of these ingredients might be hard to come by outside of Sweden (here, you can buy "kycklingröra", "rödbetssallad" "potatissallad" and "skagenröra" in any store) but you can either do it yourself (I've done my own "skagenröra" and it's delicious! You just mix shrimp, mayonnaise, grated lemon, salt and pepper) or you can improvise and use whatever you can find in your local store. Send me a pic of your creation when it's done!

22 . 08 . 2014

I reveiced a nomination for the LAS ice bucket challenge, is responded with a melody that I learnt from my good friend Pat Briscoe:

The company I work for, Starbreeze Studios, will donate $1.000 for ALS research.

04 . 08 . 2014

Here are the lyrics to Criminal's Ambition - the track that you can download for free (with or without vocals) right here!

Yo, it's time to get paid
You know what time it is
Tryin'a make this real money I can retire with
Livin' in a paradise most couldn’t envision
My mind state is a criminal's ambition

I've been doing it for a minute
Preparing for this situation
It's finally here
Getting paid off of my patience
The crew is here
Run with bundles of bandits
It's about to crazy
Preparing for straight jackets
This heist bigger than anything that we ever did
If we succeed we can even take care of our kids
I want them raise right, not needed this life of mine
I must admit though - I'm loving this life of crime

Plan out exactly what's gonna happen on blueprints

Make sure everything goes smooth, no need for nuisance
Speak with a loud tone, seriousness on my face
For three months I've been casing the place
There isn't any way you better mess up this mission
Cause if you mess up then you'll be one that end up missing
Time to turn into a monster like Space Jam
And shooting my way out is my only escape plan


Forget casual: We dressed like we ready for war
With money on our mind, ready to settle the score
Walk in guns blazin' - you better not be testing me
And if you do you must have suicidal tendencies
Silencers on the weapons so one else can hear
From inside here, rest of the world disappears
Going for the loot, nothing else in our way
Drop the drill, my skill was ready to crack the safe

300 seconds is separating me from paradise
And if you get in my way you'll end up paralyzed
This ain't a cash heist - gold bars is the plan
It's like King Midas is part of who I am
We leaving here with more than ten mil
And to be quite honest didn't require that much skill
Everything was planned perfect, no one even copped out
This was way too easy - how the hell can I stop now?


All lyrics by Kwote1. www.kwote1.com

24 . 07 . 2014

I was recently hired to write some tailored music for the beta trailer for Doctor Entertainment's game "Gear Up". This trailer became something of a reunion between Jakob Tuchten and I - we created the now-classic Bionic Commando Rearmed launch trailer back in 2008 - and for this joint freelance project we were commissioned to create a trailer with similar a feel.

I wrote and produced the music, while Jakob was in charge of storyboarding, recording all in-game clips and editing.

"Gear Up is a multiplayer game where you build customized tanks and battle online opponents in deathmatch, team deathmatch and conquest! Construct your ultimate vehicle of war and feel the adrenaline as you bring it to battle in online arcade action! Now, will you go for the rumbling caterpillar tracks or the crawling spider legs?"

Gear Up website

Doctor Entertainment

16 . 07 . 2014

I've recieved numerous emails from people asking for the Italian lyrics to Ode All'Avidià. I had to get in contact with the singers to retreive it, but here - finally - it is (if you notive any spelling errors or mistakes in comparison to the recorded vocals, send me a message!)

Io e la mia, i miei e me
tutto ciò che luccica è oro
io e la mia presto sarò, ricco
Ho visto quanto i ricchi sorridono
la ricchezza porta dritti alla felicità 
il seme d'oro diventa frutto che mi da vita

Mi fa male vederti vagare
L´invidia in te germoglia
Sei condannato a bramar di più
Niente placa questa sete

No! Questo è tutto ciò che sogno!
Quel che voglio e per cui vivo!
Ciò che non ricevo io me lo prendo!

Cos´ha risvegliato dentro te l'avidità?
L'avarizia, che ti ha spinto a fare..?

Silenzio! Vattene!


Abbondanza per me!


Ha! Le briciole per gli altri!
Di più! Di più! Di più!
I miei tesori!
Oro e argento!
Ho tutto...

Guarda e giunta la tua ora!

Il potere di mi muore lontano
Muore lontano!

Vedi, la bisso si apre!

Fiamma della vita soffocato

A-a-a-a-a-a! A-a-a-a-a-a!
Tutto diventa per polvere!

Posso prendere nulla sul fiume




Ti prego!




Both together:
Da questo mondo andiam a mani vuote

Questa è fine, la vita è finita, questa è fine tutto si!
Questa è fine, la vita è finita, questa è fine tutto si!

Both together:

03 . 07 . 2014

Criminal's Ambition art

I have made yet another track for Payday 2 that explores a new musical genre - this time it's hiphop! I worked with rapper KwoteONE (who is also an avid Payday 2 player) and he provided great vocals suitably revolving around criminal activity.

The track is called "Criminal's Ambition" and you can download it for free right here!

19 . 06 . 2014

Ode All'Avidita banner

The techno remix of Ode All'Avidità - called Ode to Greed (that's the English translation of the title) - has been uploaded to both the Bandcamp and Steam version of the Payday 2 soundtrack. However, som people seem to have missed that the original, non-remixed opera piece (as heard in the Big Bank trailer) also has been released.

In the tradition of Payday 2, the music featured in the trailers and not in the game, don't become part of the official soundtrack but are instead released as free downloads on Bandcamp - that is the case with Ode All'Avidità too!

So, head over to Overkill's Bandcamp page and download this epic piece of music for free right away!

17 . 06 . 2014

Some people have asked me for the lyrics to the opera ("Ode All'Avidità"), and they were written in Swedish and translated into Italian by someone else. Here are the lyrics in English, translated from the original Swedish lyrics (therefore they may be slightly different from the Italian lyrics actually used in the song).

The lyrics were written to match the trailer, where an unnamed average Joe who heads to a big bank to apply for a business start-up loan, is denied the loan and gets caught up in a robbery on his way out of the bank.

The song is a duet between a man (representing man's greed and possessiveness) and a woman (representing the voice of reason, or the rules set up by modern society). It is meant to sound like a part of a play - and when played over the trailer, the music flows back and forth between conveying what the average Joe is feeling and commenting on what the robbers are doing.

You can listen to the song while reading along the lyrics below.

I am Error.

I, me, my, mine and myself
I'm convinced that everything that shines is gold
If I could only get my hands on a seed of gold I will soon be rich

I have seen how the rich smile so wide
Wealth leads straight to happiness
The seed of gold becomes fruit that gives me life

It hurts me, to see you lost like this
The jealousy grows in you
You are doomed to thirst for more
Nothing will quench this thirst

This is everything I'm dreaming of!
Everything I want and everything I'm lovong for!
If it's not give to me, I will take what I want!

What has the possessiveness awakened within you?
What has greed made you... do?
Listen to me!

Silence! Out of my way!

Listen to me!

Excess for me!

Listen to me!

Other can have the leftovers!








My treasures!
Gold and silver!
My everything...

(Instrumental part, where the fire fight takes place)

Look, your time has come!

I can feel my powers fade away.
Fade away!

The abyss is opening!

I can feel the flame of life flickering!

Everything you have collected turns to dust

Can I bring something across the river?








Both together
We all leave this world empty-handed

(She sings a lot of notes in the background, no lyrics)
Everything is over now
Life is over now
Everything I own turns to dust
Everything is over now
Life is over now
The shadows finally devour me

All lyrics by Simon Viklund

09 . 06 . 2014

The latest Payday 2 trailer - for the upcoming "Big Bank Heist" - features opera music. There seems to be some confusion on the YouTube comment section and other places regarding the origin of the song. No, it's not an existing opera song that we licensed - it's written especially for the trailer by me - orchestration, melodies, production.

We recorded some live strings for the first 85 seconds of the song but most of it is rompler instruments programmed by me.

The lyrics were written in Swedish by me (on the topic of greed) and then translated to Italian by another person (if you know Italian I'd like to hear how the translation holds up, and if the singers slaughter the Italian pronunciation any more or less than non-Italian opera singers usually do - send me an email and let me know!)

The singers are two Swedish opera singers. You can watch the trailer on YouTube right here:

07 . 06 . 2014

Drifting banner

The country/rock song heard in the beginning of the "The Dentist" short film is now released. It's called "Drifting" and is written especially for the video. You can listen to it and download it for free right here!

Originally, the track was meant to only be heard in the background of the waiting room seen in the film. At this point, the lyrics were a lot more humoristic.

However, the director liked the vibe of the music so much he wanted to feature the track more prominently - so the lyrics were rewritten and given a more serious tone. The original phrase that spawned the idea for the song - "I left my favorite cassett in the escape car" - still kicks it off though.

The melody in the chorus also changed a few times. There was an earlier chorus melody that was a lot more catchy and "radio hittish" - but by request of the films director, the chorus was changed to give a more weary and "folk-rock" impression.

03 . 06 . 2014

The latest Payday 2 trailer is more like a short film - an eight minute visit to the dentist. Music (both in the intro and in the outro) is written and produecd by me. With some help from Pat Briscoe, of course...

Check it out below!

13 . 03 . 2014

Brand0's and my Kid Icarus Rap Remix Medley is finally done! I apologize that it took so long to get it finished - but now it's uploaded on Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free by everyone! Check out my Bandcamp site!

03 . 03 . 2014

The recent Death Wish update to Payday 2 had a new piece of music, and now it's available on the digital soundtrack on Steam and Bandcamp!

11 . 01 . 2014

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is almost over, here's something to remember it by:

I am Error.

BrandO and I will release a vocal version next week, so stay tuned!

Oh, while I was at it, I remixed the World 1 theme from one of my favorite games, Blaster Master, too!

I am Error.

Note: Click on the "downwards pointing arrow" icon to the right on each player to download the mp3s! It's free!

09 . 01 . 2014

"Hip" Tanaka's awesome Kid Icarus soundtrack won the AQDG2014 Simon Viklund Remix bid! I can proudly announce that this donation incentive helped raise $3,303! It all goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

BrandO and I are hard at work bringing you a great remix of it! I live streamed an ~8 hour studio session from my studio yesterday, and the music is coming along nicely! Thanks everyone who watched and chatted with me!

Follow me on Twitter to get news when I'm streaming my studio sessions.

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